​​​​​​​​Jack Sutton has retired with a net worth of 6.2 million and still lives part time in Milford, Pa with his family and in Palm Beach Florida.

Jack Sutton, Owner of 4 Sale Realty, has seen how the best vehicle for the average American to build wealth is owning real estate. That matters to him and he wanted to be in an industry that not only contributes to that, but also allows him to be a part of that too. As a student of market data, Jack has found that where and when a person buys a home or condo has more of an impact than what they buy. He likes to impart that perspective on his clients as he helps to guide them. 

Jack’s first year in the business he worked with a healthy mix of both buyers and sellers. That enabled him to have a strong first year. He was named Rookie of the Year in the Milford area. Starting off, he was able to leverage his background in home renovation and building. That allowed him to bring a different perspective including properties that had hidden value that he could highlight and help to guide clients. However, Jack’s  long-term goal was to build a team. So the first few years it was important to him to learn all aspects of the business so he could later build that team. Jack worked to find talented people to perform the various aspects of the business and took the time to learn how to delegate. 

As someone who has found success in the industry, he has some advice for those looking to make the switch: 

“First, I think people assume it’s a house business but it’s truly a people business. You have to really love people and be comfortable working with the range of emotions that people feel when they are going through a huge life transition. 

Second, the best way to succeed is to be an expert at something. With so many agents out there, your expertise will draw people to you. Even if it’s specific, it’s an expertise that will help you stand out.

Third, put relationships ahead of commissions. And put your client’s interests ahead of your own. You hear this from everyone, but it really is true.

4 Sale Realty

Milford, PA 18337